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Closed back / isolating over the ear headphones for a lady, 1/8" plug, no amp required, and under <$75?

Howdy! I'm in the market to pick up some "decent" headphones for my girlfriend. Ideally, for a deal/steal here on Massdrop or elsewhere! I started just browsing here and the selection is overwhelming!
She really liked my HD558's, and my HD6XX's in terms of comfort/fit etc, but she is by no means an audiophile or cares much about audio quality. And, both of those phones are open - we're looking for over the ear headphones that are closed back and/or isolating. They do not need to be actively noise cancelling, but they should block ambient noise decently.
She will be driving these directly with her phone/tablet - so these need to have an 1/8" TRS plug, and, need to be sensitive enough, to not outright require an external amp, like my HD6XX's surely do.
Audio quality is not a top concern for her, - a lot of times they will be used for listening to things like Youtube blogs and cooking shows, not even music/movies etc. So I would like these to be relatively inexpensive, say $75 or less? That's what I got my for HD558's for and the sound quality /sensitivity/fit/finish on those was more than sufficient for her. In fact, I would have just given her my HD558's if they were closed and not open.
As she is a lady, and a girly one at that - bonus points if these are "pretty" or "girly" or at least available in girly colors like purple/pink/teal/green etc.
Folding/portability, is not a requirement but would be nice.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Nov 29, 2017
Try to find a V-Moda XS in white on discount, or, if you don't mind too much about quality, the Noontec Zoro HD II in rose violet is pretty stylish imo PS: (Oops sry didn't see that you've bought 1 :p)
Nov 28, 2017
I'm very happy with the Status CB1s. $80 regular price, though Amazon dropped them to $55 on Black Friday. They drive just fine without an external amp, and are incredibly comfortable.
Nov 28, 2017
I ended up buying her HD280 Pro's. On Black Friday Amazon had 'em for ~$75 shipped. She loves the comfort, folding design, and the extreme isolation. I've never tried a closed back headphone that was this isolating - they could likely be used as just noise 'muffs for things like lawnmowers hah.
They are not girly at all. But she got out the hot glue gun and is bedazzling them LOL. She is very happy with 'em.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions! :-)
Nov 28, 2017
NAD VISO HP50 maybe?
Nov 21, 2017
Wow! Great question, I've been trying to explore options around and under $100 for closed back for a few months now.
I like the KRK KNS 6400 which is about $99 new as well as the MDR V6 which you can get used for around $50, the KRK KNS6400 is very impressive and shines with acoustic music! It's frequancy response is exceptionally even from lows to highs, an it's really quite detailed. It's only fault is an underwhelming low bass, so it's not that great with Dance Music some Pop and HipHop/RnB. Anything that's features a lot of Synth Bass is pretty lack luster on the KRK KNS6400.
On the Flip Side the MDR V6 [voiced similar to the Sony MDR 7506] has a nice balanced low end! Good heft for Synth Bass Lines and a more fun slightly v-shaped response. Sometimes the mid-range can be a little withdrawn and the highs can be too energetic. It's also not as detailed as the KRK KNS and it's big coile'd cable can be cumbersome, but again you can find it for around $50 second hand or on eBay.
I've also got a DD Audio DXB-04 and EMU Purple Heart in bound to me, as I really want to find the BEST closed back in this market. Finally the ATH M40X also has my attention, and hopefully I'll get to hear it shortly. I'll report back once I've heard a few of the wood back options in this price range!
Nov 21, 2017
MshenayHow do you feel like the isolation / noise reduction of each? I think that's going to be the deciding factor for us. Do you have the HD280's to compare to?
Nov 21, 2017
ProtonusActually, Sweetwater is having some amazing deals on Closedbacks plus 48 months at 0% interest, so I put an order in for the M40X and the HD280. So shortly I'll have almost all of them to compare, I'll keep the best and sell the rest second hand.
In terms of Isolation the MDR V6 is a bit better than the KRK KNS 6400, I'll update you guys on the others just as soon as I get them!
Nov 20, 2017
My vote is for the Sennheiser 598 CS's. They're perfect for your needs and they're gonna be CHEAP on Black Friday from Amazon.
Nov 20, 2017
280s are the last pair she will want get her something wireless
Nov 19, 2017
What about those Superlux HD25 clones? The actual HD25 is great. Not the greatest isolation, but decent enough, and they’re cake to drive properly. If the clones capture any of the real thing, for $30, they could be great.
Nov 17, 2017
just saw "under 75". then get monoprice 8323 with HM5 ear cushions = 17+25
Nov 17, 2017
get Audiotechnica m40x. Regular 100, on sale 80.
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