HD6XX Ear-pad Help

Hello! I have a question for anybody who has (or is familiar with) the Drop Sennheiser HD6XX (or 58X) headphones and the different ear pads Drop also sells. There are 4 purchase options: velour (what comes on the unit) hybrid velour sheepskin fenestrated sheepskin Aside from the build material, is there any difference between them? Which ones are most comfortable? Do they really impact sound, or is that marketing hype? My cans are brand new, but I would replace the velours if there was better fit, comfort, or most importantly sound to be gained. Thanks!

Most users do not find any sound improvement with aftermarket pads on the 650/6XX. There are lots of users who like the comfort changes but I've seen zero consensus on "these sound the most like stock". I've stuck to stock for about a decade on my HD650. I also recommend that nobody roll pads on a new headphone. Break it in first then look to possible roll pads. All of the types change the rate of absorption/reflection of the sounds ways before they reach your ears. This is essentially like putting the same set of speakers in different rooms. The room/pad will change the sound, only the end user can determine if they like it better or not.
Nov 5, 2019
So the velour that come with the headphones is not the same as the ones you listed. The ones that come with the headphones is a poly foam that is comfortable. The aftermarket pads you listed are made of memory foam and isolate sound a lot more. I bought the Dekoni aftermarket pads that are suede and the bass levels are a lot higher than the stock pads. I can't decide if I like them yet.