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Best audio industry magazines/blogs/publications?

What's out there to read about the audio industry? What are the most respected sources for audio news, reviews, community, etc.?
Blogs, magazines, e-newsletters, forums, etc.

Nov 21, 2017
i mostly know about headphones. Innerfidelity- reviews and measurements for headphones- loosely affiliated with stereophile AFAIK. run by Tyll Hertsens. Great Guy Cnet- The Audiophilliac. Reviews and articles by Steve Guttenburg. various audio gear. Another great guy Headfi- one of the Largest and most diverse headphone forums. a mixed bag. run by Jude another great guy but possible corporate shill. r/headphones. not a bad reddit but the rules are pretty strict albeit reasonable. if you praise beats as being built well and being a good price you will be downvoted to hell
Nov 25, 2017
monotaurThanks, this is a good start for a newcomer.
Nov 20, 2017
Depends on what facet of the audio industry you're talking about. I'm mostly on the recording side of things. Here are some good references for that end of the industry. (For some reason I can't post URLs, so these are the best I can do):
soundonsound dot com The general go-to for all things recording. Lots of knowledge to be gleaned from the archives.
recordinghacks dot com I mostly use this for the microphone database, but there's lots of other info to be had.
quietplanet dot com Gordon Hempton's blog. He hasn't updated the content in years, but it's chok full of good information for field recordists.
youtube dot com / channel / UCHHf1h8k7MA6-AG8FXjnQSw Booth Junkie's channel on Youtube is crammed full of good information for anyone doing voice acting or voice over work. His series for VA using Reaper is worth its weight in gold. (Ok, so electrons don't have a lot of mass, but you know what I mean.)
youtube dot com / channel / UCjL6MFoRxI9dbybAYO4uNzA Allen Williams's channel on Youtube is likewise crammed full of good information for anyone doing location sound on a movie set. He's currently doing a series of videos for boom operators that's loaded with good information.
gearslutz dot com One of the better communities for all things audio, not just recording.
groups dot yahoo dot com / neo / groups / micbuilders Getting a little more esoteric, but this is probably the best community resource for people who build their own microphones and recording gear.
Most of the rest of the audio bookmarks in my browser are probably too niche to be useful, but I hope this helps.
Nov 25, 2017
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