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Best isolating / decent sound for work?

Has anyone tried the new Beyerdynamic DT1770s? I love my DT770s, but they are to be honest, too flawed for my ears. But they isolate well, which is actually a more important criteria for work, as we are about to move to tighter quarters. Anything else that isolates as well? The Leatherheads are a little too expensive for both the workplace and the public transport commute, and IEMs aren't comfortable for extended listening.

Jan 2, 2018
Not too long ago I purchase this HP and I must say it sounds very "stoutee" and wide. The first few days was uncomfortable at first, then got use to it because it sounds so good. I'm using Schiit Bifrost Multi Bit and Lyer2 for amp.
Nov 25, 2017
I should probably qualify that the flaws are extremely minor to me -- yes, the bass is just a little too much, but a decent amp keeps it controlled enough that one can still hear the upper registers. But it also has a slight etch. It took me years to hear it, and that was with listening to it 8 hours a day at a time. It sounds from your desscription that the etch might be less on the DT1770. I realize it's several times the price of the DT770, but that's always the case with headphones -- once you get past a certain point, you have to spend x times the money to get only a marginal increase in quality. I guess if I'm going to go back to listening to these headphones 8 hours a day at a time, I'm willing to spend that much extra to get rid of the etch.
Thanks for your feedback.
A community member
Nov 25, 2017
DustyChalkHi there
Yes I would say the bass on the dt1770 is not as strong as the dt770 still pronounced just not as much have you tried e.q.? That may help. I would recommend something like the b&o h6 I find them comfortable and really nice sounding also closed with pretty good isolation although not as isolating as the dt770. They do bass much better imo still a little pronounced but for me it's just right.
A community member
Nov 25, 2017
What is it that you find flawed about the dt770s?. I have owned both dt1770 seemed pretty similar to the dt770 both pretty bass heavy headphones imo but the dt1770 has better clarity. I would personally not say it's a worthy upgrade though just don't think it's so much better tbh.
Jan 7, 2018
Exactly, the 770 remains an unbeatable value at $150 price point or even lower, especially the dt 770 80ohm version. 1770's @ $600 is a bit too much but its sounds pretty good like any other tesla 2.0 system
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