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Which music genres are best suited to this IEM?


Jul 26, 2020
While marketed as being "all around", I find the K10U most suited to 'simple' music .. like vocals with little accompaniment.** That is, with more context switching between different frequency ranges and less dynamic layering. Overall I find the K10U to lack smooth support/lifting and transitions (low-mind and bass) and sharing space (as upper-mid and presence can dominate). I have described the bass as "a cliff" and "bungie jumping" elsewhere*. This can make music feel underwhelming in more layered contexts. There is also blatant sibilance, even though it also lacks treble extension and sparkle. *My preferred IEM has more of a pronounced shape profile, so I'm not sure what is affecting the K10U's profile so much.. **Yes, I know this is a pretty harsh claim.. I previously said classical-esque music and I had to rescind that answer after doing a quick A-B comparison with "The Valkyrie". This is why I don't use the K10Us actively anymore: while there are no doubt niche songs, they don't do much anything really good. Aptly summarized on a famous list: "safe tuning [..] almost to the point of boredom".
Dec 15, 2019
These are well-known as all-rounders. Personally, I must yet find a track they do not do justice to. In the forums other people say that music with a lot of sub-bass may not be ideal for the Kaisers.
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