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Do I need to be careful with leaving the amp on, since it has tubes?


As previously mentioned, tubes have a finite lifespan. The stock tubes have about 2000-5000 hours before they will start sounding worse. Do yourself a favor and don't run the amp 24/7. Also, do yourself a favor and don't turn it on and off constantly. A good rule of thumb is that if you're going to use it multiple times in a day, just leave it running all day. At the bare minimum, let it run for a few hours before turning it off. If you do turn it off, let it cool down. Elements in the tubes can be damaged (or have their lifespan reduced) by rapid temperature changes caused by numerous successive power cyclings.
Dec 18, 2019
Doesn’t need to be left on. Just turn it on about 1/2 hour before listening to let it warm up properly. Anything other than that is a waste of your money.
Dec 18, 2019
Because tubes have a more limited life than solid state, you should probably turn off the amp when you are not using it. Additionally, the tubes generate heat, like an incandescent light bulb, so you will save on electricity used for air conditioning by turning it off, unless you need a room heater. Also, if you have small children, keep them away from the amp because some tubes can get hot enough to burn skin.
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