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[ONGOING] Keycap Deliveries

Figured it would be nice to have a place that we all can post any and all caps we have recently received.
I will start with my two latest arrivals.
Please be sure to include pictures and info about the artist, price if you want.
And you can even post caps you traded for or bought on the secondary market.
Only rule is you have to have recently acquired them.
Here we go! First up is Salvun's KickStarter AMK caps.
And his new website.
Let's make him famous!
I saw his posts on Reddit and sent him a PM.
We talked for a minute and threw some ideas around and I feel like I helped sparked something.
He decided that those of us buying 4 caps would get an aluminum case, and he came through.
I feel like I am carrying Marsellus Wallace's briefcase when I have it in my hands.
As for the dickbutt, I don't know if that's just for me because he said he had something special for me.
But I am pretty sure it is, and for that I am forever grateful. Because I am FKing DBAG!
Thanks Salvun!

Next up and definitely not last. You all know who they are just by seeing their caps.
It's the infamous and notorious JellyKey team!
How I have admired them since I won my first cap raffle, the oh so rare FaceBook Like caps.
I actually won and then asked them to make me one that was an Unlike cap, and they did. You are always in my heart guys. I never forget a friend.
When you see these in person, pictures can't do them justice, granted I don't have a DSLR yet and I am not a photographer or PS wizard. They feel amazing, almost otherworldly.
The space one really exemplifies space, cold, dark, and bleak yet there's a shimmer of life somewhere inside of it.
And the Moon? Come on, that thing is so perfect, mine even has a little darkside in it.
My only regret, not having bought 6 of each so I could just fill an entire section of my keyboard.
Thank you everyone at JK, always a fan!
See you until my next arrivals. I lost count but it should be around 8 to 10 more coming in.
Wikki, Moguri, and 20 others

I love the moon caps!
My most recent arrivals are my GMK Oblivion set and my K-Type, but as usual I have a bunch of other stuff on the way.
The K-Type looks hot. So tempted but I can't ever go back to the click clack. Looks great bud!
Oh man, Oblivion looks so delicious on the K-Type!
Very nice man! Love it!
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Nah, shouldn't cause any problems, further soaks will probably yield diminished returns though. Hope you are liking them!
I figured, just wanted to try my best to save the darkest color possible, now for the one year wear without wash. :D
Holy crap, i only just notice this now :D Man i am honored Brainflush!
EVERYONE! Has has graced us with his presence! Welcome dude! And no bro, I am the one honored! You gave me a dickbutt. That's next level bromanship! :D Seriously, love the caps, the case, everything. I want more! We will talk. And to see you have a website and be able to make caps per order, is huge, it means you managed your KS and other funding correctly, genius stuff man. Good for you. Now show us what you have in the works. ;)
:P thanks man, damn happy you like your caps!
Soon i will have more to show :D this weekend i should have my machine fixed and i got some huge plans! Do check instagram i suggest :P
Oh boy oh boy <3
My first artisans. <3
These from Vietnam based Rosekey's first GB.
/u/linho40 posted a second GB on Reddit with new colors *right now*. Don't sleep on it! Only two days left from the time of writing this! They'll also do a raffle sale for five Koicap spacebars(!) only open to previous customers so if you want in on that, better hurry!
Enough hype. Here are some pics.
Cherry R1 Deep Ocean
SA R1 Green Garden
Looking damn nice with SA Camping.
In the pipeline: 1 x Enos v1 from Idea23, 2 x Seacaps from Latrialum.
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No problems. Just sharing the joy. :)
That's SA Camping. :) I was fast and lucky enough to get hold of one of the last sets sold through Keyclack's warehouse cleanout a few months back. SA Camping was never intended for a large audience and it's not likely to be made again in SA profile. However, there's an ongoing IC on Geekhack for bringing it back in Cherry profile by GMK. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming GB soon.
@BlueCrowned These are not on a board yet. I'm just shuffling them about on a table doing mockups of various layouts. :D Still sourcing parts for a few builds.
You should post an updated photo of the whole board on here as well
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what kind of board??
It's going to be a Plum. No way to get another Royal Kludge. Seems RK is not making them or something legal is going on. Or my theory, they had QA issues and went back to the drawing board after 2.0. So I will transfer my Chocolatier to the Plum for the white chocolate effect base, and use the RK again as my artisan board. IDK yet but we shall see.
I should have a replacement for an unfortunate looking Finch cap coming in so I'll post that when it arrives.
Looking forward to it. ;)
My latest caps were yesterday. From Coz, they're my absolute favorite ones at the moment. The "Deeply Troubled" Robear and Idlekeys V2.
This replacement pair was made to match SA Troubled Minds for me when my pair of Idlekey v2 went missing in transit.
Really generous of him, could have just given me any other idlekeys for replacement.
As for incoming caps, I really don't know anymore! At least another 30?? as in legit numbers, not mixed up with non-artisanal purchases....
I remember meeting Coz before he started out making caps. I have to say, he has gone way beyond what I initially thought he had planned, I seriously thought he was only going to hobby it and not go hard. Every stage in his growth has been tremendous. I only have 1 of his caps but I love it and appreciate his early works. Your caps look great mate, and yeah, that's some serious love he gave you.
Actually, I had hoped at some point he would do a MassDrop. Maybe we can convince him. ;)
Yuh bro, I seriously felt his caps were really pieces of hard works and very, very well thought out color combinations.
As for the Massdrop participation, I don't know. However, I honestly won't say no to more of his keycaps. Even if he would just drop the least exciting singleshot idlekeys, I'd support his sales. :p
Edited: full of autocorrected typos!
No flag on the moon?
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I saw. I want. :D
The keycap God among men :)
I am but a humble servant to the gods of artisan makers. :D I got to catch them all, but yet I can't!
Dickbutt is a nice touch... Phrasing?
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Too late. It touched you!
Doing me a frighten