Nov 28, 2017128 views

Headphone Equalizer?

I'm thinking about a (mostly) portable audio setup. The goal is specifically sound quality with a side goal of making it decently adjustable. I was looking at getting a small equalizer for the setup and was wondering if such a thing exists. I haven't been able to find anything so far and was wondering if anyone could help me. Also, if I get a cheap one, will it lessen the quality of the build? Thanks for the help.

Second the Schiit Loki, it has been working very well in my setup. Completely transparent and you can cleanly alter the tone satisfactorily for most headphones. Bypass switch is nice feature too, because my modded TH-X00PH don't really respond well to EQ and they really don't need any either. The SHP9500, M1060, and HD700 have really benefitted from it.
Have you considered the Schiit Loki? It came out somewhat recently
That's perfect. Thanks so much. I knew something like that had to be out there.