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Happy Holidays, Massdrop!

....thanks for being.
....thanks for many stocking-stuffers.
....thanks for all the Schtuff....from a Nationally Registered Schtuffophile.
....thanks for all the Interesting ALL we interact with, every day.
Happy Holidays to Everybody Up in Here!
Here's to a coming year where everything works out as planned.


yeah........ RIGHT.
THAT'S gonna happen......

* "but we're just HELPIN'!"
steve, stevetan86, and 7 others

Nice blankets; lucky dogs.
I like your doges
TO FOLKS OF ALL CULTURES: PEACE. We all breathe the same air, we all share the water. so. PEACE and Doing BETTER next year....and onward.
we are getting SNOW SNOW SNOW. A big Cold front roaring in. Just in from my "manger" to check on the horses, stand in the midnight and sing some of the beauty Christmas songs...kind of my tradish, instead of crowding into hordes of people for Mass. While that can be beautiful, all candle-lit and incense-y... I kind of prefer the humble and wild, maybe the deer and foxes and coyotes can hear me....the wind carries my voice away anyhow. As a mixed First Nations person, I have our odd religion "mash-up" to tote about, so this is more personal and real for me, more what I think it is about,all these things we humans celebrate in different ways..... and standing out, surrounded by Creator's gift in The Earth.... feels sacred for me. And it all feels like..... PEACE.
All the best to ALL.
Your puppers are so cute
So what Massdrop buys is everyone waiting on for Christmas?
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I think we're getting it. And the first white Christmas for years, for many in the USA and parts of Canada!

okay, MAYBE the clear roads dealie may not happen....
I'm visiting family in Seattle and very much enjoying this snow!! Roads.... well, I hope they're better tomorrow :-D
Merry Christmas!