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Creative G6 and HD6xx

Hello everyone! First, I thought it might be of some interest/importance in regard to my questions to first give a short background of my headphone-history so to speak. I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD598 a couple of years back (first open cans) and paired it with a Fiio E10k. After a couple of years the headband cushion fell apart, and so I decided to buy a pair of HD6xx which I´ve had my eyes on for a while. And yes, I like them even better. Now, connected to my Xbox I have a Creative Soundblaster G6 so I decided to try it with my HD6xx (stereo direct) , and also compare it to the E10k. I know the G6 is not ment for music. However, to my "unexperienced" ears, the G6 sounds a lot clearer and more detailed than the E10K, but the E10k sounds somehow fuller and more natural if that makes sense (sorry I'm not yet fluent in the correct terms concerning describing sound). I´ve had my eyes on something like the dragonfly red/cobalt and wonder if that would make a significant difference? I´m thinking it´s a product designed for music rather than gaming. Or is a schiit stack a better option? I´ve read many articles/reviews on both but can´t find much comparing them to the Creative G6 (being primarily gaming-oriented product). In short, I´m looking for something with the detail of the G6 (or better), but with the more full and somehow musical sound of the E10k. Thank you for reading! /Tommy

Dec 2, 2019
A schiit stack is better or a Topping D10 + JDS Atom / Schiit Magni 3+ works just as well.
Dec 1, 2019
I'm so torn right now, i just posted about this kinda. I pulled the trigger on 6xx's but now im wondering if the 58x's are a better choice since i'll be using these for gaming for the most part even though i love music as well. I have a g6 as well, can you tell me how the overall sound quality is with the 6xx paired with the 58x? (footsteps etc) much appreciated!
Dec 2, 2019
HeadCRACKI don´t own the 58x. For gaming I think the HD598 (or the upgraded HD599) are actually better than the HD 6xx, because they have a wider soundstage. However, for music the HD6xx sound much better IMHO. However, I can´t imagine most people using the 6xx for gaming would be disappointed (including me). Everything sounds very clear to my ears. Having said that, I´m a casual gamer and I only play single-player games. I don´t ever use the "scout mode" on the G6.
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