Dec 17, 201752 views

Affordable BT sport earphones

I've been surfing the interwebs looking for a decent and reliable pair of BT earphones for the gym. Sadly every single piece of hardware I found had some terrible reviews saying that they fell apart after a very short time or the battery died after X amount of usage. Sure, everything wears out, but the reviews talked about breakage even after a week of light use! Even famous brands, like Bose, SH and JBL had those kind of reviews.
That search led me to the conclusion that most of the reviews are either fake or the BT earphones are so crappy that I should avoide them at any cost. Problem is, doing any kind of sport with wired earphones is very annoying, so I decided to try and ask around here for any recommendations you guys might have.
TL;DR: Looking for a reliable and decent pair of BT earphones for sports (up-to $60)

I've been using SoundMagic E10BT's for he last 8 months. They are essentially upgraded E10's with Bluetooth & metal housings. The sound is pretty good & the battery pack, which can be clipped on to your collar or pocket, lasts for 10-12 hours. It can be readily found for about $55 here in the US.