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Extra DAYS added to delivery,(when it had to come through my town to be handed over to the USPS), Extra RISK of damage to packages.
Let's face it, there's extra hurling about of packages by people who could not give a RATS ASS about my gear, hurling around by postal guys who HATE that added packages were loaded onto their route.....

Which is a MINUS, in my book.

we really can't do better?
why is it that SOME Massdrop deliveries ARE Fedex, while others have this added postal link in the resource/carbon spewing chain?

You guys probly know I don't whine much, I try to be pretty happy about All Things Massdrop.
Just seems kinda extra and wasteful and stupid. Especially these days.

I am just being a cheerleader over here.
Bein' all HOPEFUL an' all.
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I wholeheartedly agree. My Massdrop/EE quilt arrived in town today, Dec 21, at 6:30pm. If there were some way to pick up the package, the way you can with 100% FEDEX, I could pick it up tomorrow morning, Dec 22. Unfortunately, it's going to USPS. Expected delivery of Dec 26. ...yay?
All of my items have shipped via FedEx smartpost. Which means it's the worst of both worlds. FedEx tracking (who knows who actually moves the goods) followed by an awkward, days delayed, handoff to USPS, where you don't get a tracking number until it's been "delivered", but wait it wasn't delivered. You selected a physical location, and the post office is holding it in their building, or putting it in a PO box that doesn't belong to you, but hey it's for the same office building right?
. EXACTLY. MY. POINT. I am sure that there's better that can be done.