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Budget Headphone Suggestions

Looking for headphones for gaming and music something I can take to and from school and that hopefully blocks out loud noises during gaming.

Dec 26, 2017
IEMs will be a lot more portable but generally have lower quality sound for the price. I do swear by (rather than at) my 1More Triple Drivers, but I put Comply tips on them to make them comfortable. Their foam and silicone eartips, in spite of the 9-ish sizes it ships with, aren't comfortable for my sensitive ears. I found that the Triple Drivers at $99-ish plus the isolation eartips from Comply total up to 120 or so plus tax, and shut out sound great. They also are a ton more portable. If you don't need a mic, the Sennheiser .HD598 Cs sound pretty decent as closed headphones go and are $130 or so on Amazon. Blocks out the noise at work (though not as well as properly-sealed IEMs).
Dec 26, 2017
What is the price range you are going for?
You need closed back and portable. People really like the audio technica ath-m50x and m40x. If the pads feel bad, just replace them. They're one of the praised bang for your buck headphones
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