Dec 29, 2017222 views

Do we really need this on Massdrop website?

« Watch this, and you will truly realize how retarded you are. You aren't worth my time. »
Calling others retards, pretending others are not worth his precious time while keeping posting as recurring series.

Man, you really gotta let shiz go. You gotta stop giving a damn lol, go enjoy your life <3.
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Thank god we don't know them in real life ;)
You know they would behave like good boyz in real life. 8;-)
You would not believe how so many folks are behaving well when they're not hiding behind a computer screen, a microphone, a steering wheel, or at the other end of a phone conversation.
I know a guy barking at Radio Talk Trash Station that is pretty well behaved when he has customers from another of his part time jobs.