Spacebar favor investigation

This is an investigation about the favor of our customers As you saw before . We organized 3 spacebar GB during last several months. Here they are.

This is the Flower theme spacebar. They received warm welcome in MD.
Here are the galaxy series.They are sold over 1000
So, I started 2 polls in MD about different theme, Here they are.


However, they are not as popular as I think . So, I just wanna figure out what's wrong. Maybe because little customes saw this. Or ,you have some different appetite. So, Please tell me what's your ideas about space bar. Is there any theme you like ?
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Apr 16, 2018
I was in on the space ones, one was fine the other is warped very slightly but still using it.
Some of the photos posted showed bars warped beyond being able to be used. You need to resolve those issues and get back some trust, then I've no doubt you'd get more interest. Great value product otherwise!
Apr 16, 2018
I had a plum set that was totally mis-printed, plus had the infamous warped spacebar, so I returned it. If the image had been consistent instead of totally off, I would have been really happy and willing to overlook/fix the spacebar
Jan 10, 2018
I haven't bought them because I am concerned about warping. I really like your One Piece keycap set and I would buy just spacebars that were anime themed if you made them.
Dec 30, 2017
Because I doubt i'll be able to do my own dye-subbing anytime soon - Cityscapes, (City) skylines (if possible, with artistic use of light bleed/translucence) - would probably be a pretty popular design.
Dec 30, 2017
I was a part of the outer spacebars, got 2 and love them both, great colors and feel, but both arrived warped...and i've been too afraid of ruining the images to try and heat them up to correct them... I got one to fit on my work keeb without popping off and the other I have to fight with every time I go to use the keyboard and try to seat it on the stab, because it pops off on its own due to warp/bow in it. Having said this, even with their flaws, I still use them daily because they look and feel great when they are working.
Once there's more consistency in manufacturing with these, i think they'll be fantastic. If I had more keyboards, and knew that i was going to get a level, non warped, guaranteed to stay seated, spacebar... I'd most likely buy more.
RE the polls you mentioned, I don't think I've seen those 2 polls that you put up, but from what I can see, my fav's by far are the ocean wave and the fiery sunrise/sunset looking one. The holiday ones look nice too, but not quite my cup of coffee :)
Dec 30, 2017
I really like the way they look, but I got in on the flower spacebar/wasd/arrow key group buy when it was first hosted here and received a very warped spacebar that wouldn't fit on my board. I was absolutely in love with the design so I ended up tracking down one on mechmarket, but that experience, coupled with similar comments of quality issues cropping up in all of the group buys discussion pages tells me that quality control is an issue.
The thing with Massdrop is that due to the way the group buys work, if quality is a possible issue people are far less likely to buy. On say, Amazon, if I buy something I get it a few days later, and if it's defective I can exchange it for a replacement within a week. Here I have to commit months of wait time, and if I receive a defective item there's a very good chance that I'll only be able to get a refund and not a replacement.
So when people go into the discussion section and see a bunch of comments regarding QC, they can get scared off. If you devote more time to improving that I think you'll see your sales increase.
I hope this doesn't come off as an attack on you fine people, because I really love your work. I just wanted to offer my personal perspective on why this might be happening.
I have not purchased them but the outer space discussion board seems to be filled with people complaining about poor quality space bars