Has the SHIVR 3D Headphone good audio quality?

I'm searching a good headphone, which must have wireless connectivity, but also an option to connect with a cable and aptX support. I found the SHIVR 3D Headphone, but is this a good one? https://www.shivr.co


Never heard of it but the reviews aren't exactly positive: Ultimately, the question boils down to ‘is the SHIVR headset worth the price?’ Unfortunately, I don’t think it is. While the SHIVR offers decent audio quality and some surprisingly great noise cancellation features, the 3D audio effects just don’t work well at all, and actually make the listening experience worse. If you’re in the market for a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can find better options for less. If you want immersive 3D audio, you’re going to need to pay the big bucks for something like the Audeze Mobius, or wait until a different headset can offer something comparable.