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Best Headphones for Gaming/Music(and maybe a DAC or Amp if I can afford it) for under 300?

Just as the title says I'm looking for some new headphones for gaming and listening to music. I'm quite new to the "Audiophile" scene as I have been one who generally used only gaming headsets all the time and wanted to try some new headphones out. Currently I have the HyperX Cloud II's, so anything better than these who be great to experience. Any responses are appreciated, thanks!

Hi there
I would first say you are best setting a budget so people will be able to give you more relevant answers. For a few good gaming headphones I would say Fidelio X2 is top of my list, if closed is what you need then maybe the dt770. Either for gaming are a step up from all headsets Came from an Astro A50 to the X2 they are miles better.
Closed or open Doesn't matter to me and the budget was under 300 as stated in the title.
Ah yeah sorry must have been half asleep to miss that lol well both them choices will fit that budget. If you want an amp look used on eBay and you might be able to get everything is go x2 and look for an smsl m6 or similar :)