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Vintage Headphones

A community member
Jan 13, 201893 VIEWS
Hey All
Just wanted to know if any of you had any vintage headphones that you tried and loved?
I have only just started getting into some vintage stuff and have to say the ones I have tried are awesome. I have a pair of sennheiser HD425 and they sound awesome but they are a pain to drive I have to use the burson conductor high gain near full to get a decent level. And just now I am listening to a pair of AKG K240 monitor 600ohm headphones again unreal for how old these are really impressed. I am next looking at a pair of pioneer SE X05 series anyone tried them?
Let me know some of your favs.
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Mar 1, 2018
эхо H•16
These are old, Russian, broadcast, planar magnetic headphones. I got a pair for like $30 in box. It even came with a manual. I love it. I just had to switch out the leather pads since they dried up and cracked from how old they were.
A community member
Mar 2, 2018
MXRCI really like the old planar headphones I have heard a few like the audio technica ath2 really nice sounding very clear for the age way ahead of their time.
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