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About Bluedio headphones

I have heard a lot about this brand named "Bluedio" and it's headphones, a lot of people said that they offer a really good sound quality for price.
I would like to know if it is really true or just some blank talks from people who don't really understand in headphones and sound quality.
If you are familiar with this brand what do you think about them and do they really worth buying?
Have a nice weekend :)
For the metalheads around here \m/ heave a nice metal weekend

Ive owned bluedio R+ legend headphones and, while they sound nice, the build quality wasn't the best and they fell apart after less than a year.
Ok, what would you recommend to buy I have 100$ budget. I need on-ear or over-ear headphones. I listen to heavy metal and hard rock.
Yes they sounds really good. I have the Bluedio victory and the bluedio ufo. And they saound really good. the victorys are balanced all the way through they are really good with bass and easy to drive with your phone. But just because it has base dosnt mean i drowns other sounds. Just let me tell you this 6 drivers on each side of the headphone for the victory. And 4 for the ufo's. There a different experience almost every headphone is different but I promise you you wont be disappointed with them. They arnt the beast of hifi audio but they're doing something right.
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It's not overwhelming its very clear, but they will spoil you with bass.
ok thanks