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We need a Tactical Community

Not one to purchase guns, but one that has other firearm related stuff: reloading equipment, fail accessories, sights, scopes, armorer's tools, etc. The pocket and fixed knives from Blades can go in there (the kitchen knives can go to the Cooking community, thus dissolving Blades) and the more molle-type backpacks from Outdoors can go in there as well.

...just an idea. I dunno. First post. Don't hate me if this has already been addressed.
backcountry-hunter, Hodor_Hodor, and 12 others

I strongly agree, but I'm trying to think of a better name. Maybe "sportsman" or something like that. The word "tactical" makes me think of off-brand all-black junk made for 12-year-olds who LARP as SpecOps/SWAT with airsoft rifles. I know many other people feel the same way.
There could definitely be a merger/consolidation since there's a lot of overlap in Blades, Outdoor, Ultralight, EDC, Writing "sub"-Communities with more advanced tagging/filtering may be a better option? Something like: Outdoors s/tactical s/Blades s/Writing s/EDC s/ultralight s/photog s/men's apparel
EDC s/tactical s/blades s/writing s/photog s/apperel
Office s/writing s/accesories s/mech keyboards s/diy tech s/men's apparel s/EDC
Heck yeah. I would make it my new home page.
I'm having a hard enough time containing my spending here as it is.
YES! I was about to post this and thought that there must be someone who has had that same thought.