Mar 4, 2018145 views

Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

Ive been seeing a lot of their products on here and I’ve heard that the amiron home was top notch. I was wondering if they’re all that and we should try to get them on here or if Im better off just getting the dt990s?

Don't own the Amiron but out of several pairs of headphones my 990's get the least amount of time. I really only break them out for a select few genres that I feel cater to their strengths. I've never been disappointed buying the more expensive of two options. I looked into the Amiron home and from what I've read it departs significantly from the 990 sound (which is very U/V shaped).
FWIW - I have both and the Amiron Home are much better IMO. Both are very respectable, comfortable, cans you will enjoy; the Amiron just has a greater sense of "presence" about it that I really enjoy. I jsut don't go back to the 990's and will likely put them up for sale.