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Can you help me choose a closed back Headphone ?

Hi, i'm interested in a closed back Headphone. I actually own Senheiser HD598 but i can't use them at work because they leak a lot of sound and no isolation ( open back...) HD598 sounds fine but i wish they had more bass. I listen to a lot of Hip-hop. What do you think about ATH M50x ?
I like the form factor, design and it's in my price range.
Budget: 150$ Max

Thanks a lot !

Since you are used to the Sennheiser sound, I would suggest picking up one of their closed backs like the HD 569 or HD 598C . I have a 7 year old pair of HD 419s at work, that I keep going back to, they have beautiful bass reproduction.
Instead of the ATH-M50X... go with the ATH-M40X - it's the better headphone of the two.
Hi I've seen that many people say M40x are better because they sound more neutral but that's not what I'm looking for I like bass oriented headphone.
I would go with dt770 the isolation is top notch and sound great if you get a low impedance version for mobiles. The B&O m6 would also be a good choice I use them for out and about and they sound great and not much sound leakage have a look used for the best deals.
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Hi there
Sorry was a typo it's B&O H6 it's got a very nice sound bit of a bass boost perfect for out and about and replaceable cable.
Thanks I will check this one ;)
Hey Jakz, If you want bit overemphasized and louder bass I'd pick up a pair of Plantrontics Backbeat Pro 2 - Here's a link of the best price I could find ($150 for 1 year limited waranty or $160 with 3 year protection plan) If you want a more balanced sound that would still have more bass than your HD598 I would either get the M50x like you suggested or BeyerDynamic DT 770. The level of bass in both of these are very comparable and maybe very slightly more pronounced on the M50x. DT 770s have a larger soundstage than the M50x, but it is also has a bit less accurate spacial reproduction to it. DT 770s isolate sound better but leak a little bit more, they don't leak overly loud though. I'd get a refurbished M50x if you get those to save some money and get a cheap ($8) 4 year protection plan with them ($115 total). If you opt for the DT 770s you could get them from this link totalling to $150 with a 3 year protection plan The M50x is definitely the best deal here, but you should go with whichever pair has the features you like best if you'll be using them a lot since there isn't too large of a disparity between the prices. Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot for your reply !
I think that the M50x is the way to go. DT770 looks cool but i like that the cable can be replaced on the M50x.
Backbeat being bluetooth i'm afraid that sound quality is lower ?