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Hey, just accidentally refreshed this page and erased everything so I'll make this short.
I'm new to all this stuff. My current set up is as follows:
-Focusrite 2i2 USB Audio Interface
-AKG P120 Microphone
-2 Yamaha HS7 Monitors
-Senheiser 6xx (being delivered soon)

Other than the headphones, I have everything set up and it seems to be working well. However I am hearing some interference in my HS7's. I am using 1/4" headphone cables to connect them to my 2i2 because I only have 1/4" outputs on this focusrite.
Would switching to XLR-TRS cables help with the interference?
Does anyone know of a audio interface that I can plug my mic, headphones, and monitors into that has balanced XLR outputs?

Thanks for any help!
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Mar 24, 2018
The 1/4" TRS outputs on the 2i2 should be balanced, according to the user's manual. The 1/4" TRS inputs on the HS7 should also be balanced, according to the Yamaha user's manual. If you're going TRS to TRS, you're balanced all the way. If you're going TRS to RCA, TRS to TS, or something else, all bets are off.
Interference is the big bugaboo of audio. What does the noise sound like? Is it a steady, low hum? That could be indicative of ground loop issues or of poor shielding on your TRS-TRS cables. Does it sound more like static? That's typically poor shielding on the cables. Do you have your setup near things that might be spitting EMF, like a WiFi router, electric blanket, or microwave oven? Try moving potential sources of EMF away from your equipment.
If you know of anyone who has some known high quality TRS/TRS cables (Neutrik plugs, Mogami or Canare cable, etc.) give those a try and see if the noise goes away. That's the "if in doubt, suspect the shielding" approach. Fixing ground loops is a bigger pain in the butt. There are ways to do it with XLR cables (Neutrik EMC connector on one end of your cable), but I don't know what the TRS solutions are.
Mar 28, 2018
tom.benedictUpdate! In case you ware curious haha First off, I'm an idiot. When I realized the Mogami cables were delayed I ran over to my local Guitar Center and grabbed some 1/4" cables to verify that everything was working. But I grabbed TS cables, not TRS. Secondly, now that I am using actual balanced cables that are a much better quality, the interference is almost non existent. With no sound being played through the HS7's, I can only hear the fans on my computer. Seriously though, thank you for your help with this. I've definitely got some room to grow when it comes to audio knowledge.
Mar 30, 2018
TheLookoutAwesome outcome! Glad everything worked out in the end.
Mar 22, 2018
i dont, sorry, but i would suggest, that if you dont want to break the bank and still get good sound to bet a good ballanced amp (like fostex hpa4 bl or schiit jothenheim ) and just keep the interface for speaker and mic. hope this was helpfull.
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