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Hiding drops which cannot be shipped.

Is there a way for me to hide all drops with no shipping to The Netherlands? It is getting quite frustrating that I have to go to the checkout page to find out that a specific drop isn't available to me.
Especially when products are beging advertised in emails which usually contain items designed to lure people in but 90% of the time it is US only. A waste of time.
Might as well make massdrop.com US only and add massdrop.eu for EU only.
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this is bad for me too since im from canada and i see things that i would like to get and its .... sorry US only and there is no quick way to see it you have to click on the item click buy then on the shipping you see that it cannot be shipped out of the US i would not mind if there was an added US only beside where they normally write free shipping for the US if its US only or adding a filter or something like that because when i spend 15 minutes looking a the drops then i read up one that interrest me and i decide to buy it and then finally i cant it doesnt really feel good especially since i receive email afterward telling me i was interrested in the item and that the drop is not done yet if i want to buy it ! when i cannot .....
While i understand your frustration, I don't think Massdrop is operating at the scale that they would want to implement that feature as of yet.
There are 19 communities on Massdrop, and even the most popular ones like Audio, Mech Keys and EDC won't exceed 20 drops at a time. That means there are less than 380 live drops at a time, presuming that most people that use Massdrop are probably interested in half the communities (using myself as benchmark here), that's 190 drops. If you filter out even more products that do not ship to EU, that's even less. Which means a lot of the products won't get the exposure for EU customers. And exposure is kinda important for how Massdrop operates.
If I didn't randomly browse through the drops, I wouldn't know Massdrop would supply such niche products.
I agree with the massdrop.eu tho, cuz I myself live in Europe at the moment, and having a EU Massdrop that I don't have to pay extra shipping would be great.