Quality Active Speaker Pair w/ Integrated DAC/Amp for ~$300?

I’ve been looking around recently for a really solid pair of speakers that I can use with my pc. My budget Is limited, about $300, so I probably can’t afford a quality external DAC/amp. I’m not doing any recording, mostly just listening to music, but I‘m Cary much a ”technical” listener (I pay close attention to the details of the instruments and the mix, etc.). Accordingly, I want something with a lot of detail and a fairly balanced frequency response but is also capable of a more pleasing low end... (you get he point).. I‘m planning on maybe tweaking them with EQ in my computer sometimes, as desired.
I was checking out the KRK Rokit 5 G3‘s, but I’m not sure how the audio quality/bang per buck is and if it will work well with what I want to do.
Does anybody have any recommendations about this? Also if anyone has thoughts about the KRK Rokit pair I mentioned above, I‘d like to know peoples‘ thoughts on them.


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