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PC gaming auidiophile head phones... does it exist?

hi all,

I am a newbie when it comes to audio but I am wanting to upgrade my system. can anyone provide advice?

budget - 1000 dollars USD
focus - good thumpy bass with an epic score that gives you goose bumps

what is not only a fantastic PC gaming audio setup for head phones but amazing for regular audio?

in looking at PC setups my options at first we're

1. steel series pro + DAC
2. steel series pro wireless.. ended up being sub par for me
3. GSP 500 Sennheiser

any suggestions on how to maximize my enjoyment for a first time buyer?

I bought the Mayflower Arc and kg700s.. with mod mic 4.. sounds glorious
They exist but you have such a small selection.. It'd be cheaper and simpler to buy a seperate pair of headphones and microphone. Blue Microphone for $50. Everyone says I sound crystal clear. Then, from there you can buy any headphones you want.
It does exist. Check out Audeze Mobius.
i would suggest the sony mdr z7 or the fostex argon, but for those you need a stronger amp.
Dude checkout Z Reviews on YouTube he can answer your questions........ Zeos Pantera is a great resource, peace out!
jeah, but he hates this question, rather check out his recommendation guid .
Check out his reviews on what he reffers to as Ricardo's then just look at other recent reviews for others. If they are great for gaming he mentions it. Good luck they are out there
Better off spending that money on a 5.1 surround system since it seems gaming is your main focus. Headphones are crap for gaming in comparison.
5.1 surround = sound is actually coming from in front of you and somewhere between your sides and behind you. Headphones = sound is just coming from left and right, virtual surround hardly helps since you're still limited to a small speaker right on your left and right ears.
I use akg k7xx with a g5 amp dac for gaming, works out great, far better than any "Gaming" headset I have ever tried.
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well you convinced me. i Bought them..now for an amp