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What is the size of the earcups? As in, I'm wondering if my large ears will comfortably sit within the earcup. Hopefully that makes sense, thank you.


Jul 11, 2021
The ear cups are on the larger size for headsets. My ears are largish and they fit over mine and my daughters. She is very picky on earcups and fitting over the ears. I also like that they expand from the top. It makes them more stable and fit better without excess pressure. I use these as my backup since my main Sennheiser gaming headset is getting on in age and I don't want to travel with it.
The earpad oval opening is larger than the HD 6XX, and the angled driver sits far enough away that it shouldn’t touch most ears (and the angle gives the outer tip of your ear more room to fit). Some extra comfort notes: The foam in the pads is firmer than memory foam, but despite the resistance they’re still soft and plush. The clamping pressure is “snug,” so they won’t disappear so you forget you’re wearing them, but even so they don’t squeeze so hard they cause headaches or muscle cramps (for most people). The weight is very light! Overall, wearing them for a full work shift or long gaming marathon is good to go, better than most comparable headsets.
Jun 3, 2020
people with big ears sometimes touch the earcups but still say there are very comfortable
Jun 9, 2020
bur3kThese are very comfortable even for my large ears. Can wear them all day. They are the few that are large enough without needing to replace with 3rd party covers.
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