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Is it just me or should Blue Box bundles come IN A BLUE BOX?

I was eagerly awaiting my Brainwaves Blue Box drop and then all of a sudden I hear a knocking at the door and I accept my Massdrop package, I open the box only to find packaging and two items in the box just there, I was hoping to get an actual blue box with a question mark on it! Me and my sister were gonna have a blast picking from them but no, its just the same standard gig as anything else :(
TLDR: I think Massdrop should get some Blue boxes with question marks on it and package the blue box bundles in that, it would make it way more exciting when you open the package!
What do you think? Am I just overthinking this or is it a good idea? Let me know!
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It's all MikeMD's fault. Everytime he sees a blue box it gives him flashbacks of Dr Who and his secret past as the 4th Dr. @MikeMD isn't that right
I personally wish they were wrapped in solid gold smelted from the forges under Mt. Doom, but yeh blue works too.
I've been discovered lol