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Combining Topping E30 W Schiit Midgaurd... And why

Drop gives us a chance to play around with cool audio at appealing prices. Sometimes very unlikely choices just work way better than anyone could hope for. Some time back I bought a Topping E30 to get better sound out of my laptop at work. Well covid hit so I didn't set it up. I already had a Mytek Brooklyn for headphone duty at home. Then I was being cheap and wanted to see of Drop may have a Topping 70 or 90 head amp for a super special price. If it happened... I missed it. So I went ahead and ordered a Schiit Midgaurd to combine with it. I use Audrivana (just like on my main system). AKG 701 Headphones. How does it sound? Honestly it's really a lot of fun. The sound is way better than I could expect. Mixing and matching turned out to just balance the best features of each and I grin every time I listen. Classic, Jazz, Indie or Rock. Hope you all have some fun and grins too.



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