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BMR1 Test Drive

After powering the unit up for the first time I experienced a couple of issues. First, there was no audio out of the passive speaker and the gain level was so high as to hear the noise floor. I checked all of the connection to no avail and then powered down the unit. After powering the DUT back up there were no more issues. I haven't tried BT, only the 3.5mm unbalanced input. Listening to my Classic Rock Station off air I found the sound to be well balanced and the level of gain to be very high, (loud without much input). They sound clean with detail and most certainly have wide dispersion. I don't hang my hat on any speakers without giving them time to break in, which is what I'm doing today, (07-06). One thing to note, after a few hours of playing at a med-low level the powered speaker was very hot at the bottom. Far more so than I would have expected and close to a burn potential to people, (I don't keep my finger on something hot so I'm ok). The plastic may not hold up long term to that high of a temp.
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