Apr 28, 2018183 views

Audeze LCD2 Classic size

Hello all,
With my pair of Isine 10's on the way, I have been looking at sticking with Audeze for my next headphones. I really like everything I am seeing in regards to the LCD2 Classic. I was in between them and MrSpeaker Aeon open backs. Yet I am a bass lover, so I think Audeze would be a better choice.

The problem I foresee... I have a small head. I wear the smallest fitted hat they make, which isnt sold pretty much everywhere. I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM2 and they are even a tad bit big. So as everyone knows the LCD2 Classic isnt a small set of cans by any means. I am not too worried about the weight too much as long as they can fit. Has anyone had any issues with the fitting if you dont have a large head?

With the adjustments it shouldnt be a problem. Maybe you could try them on in a headphone-store?