Are these better than my sennheiser hd599 se?

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May 14, 2020
Yeah sure. You could say they're two generations ahead of your 599. Because the HD 600/650 with the 300 ohm drivers are one generations advanced, and HD 58x/660s with 150 ohm drivers are another step ahead.
Jun 5, 2020
I have m40x from 4 years or so , a year ago i bought 599se for 120usd approx , i feel so much more power and details , i like the bass level along with clarity. I m not audiophile , will I able to get audible difference or massive improvement if I switch over to hd58x. I don't want any less bass than 599se. Please guide. Or recommend any other headphones upto 500usd max.
Jun 6, 2020
Since you are used to the sound signature of 599se, you may not like how 58x sounds at first. Both the headphones and your ears need burn-in (for any new headphones you buy). hd58x has less soundstage and better imaging than 599se, that for sure. But I don't think you would hear massive improvement with an average amp. For $500, it's better to buy an amp, too. The magic of Sennheiser 58x and 6xx is that they work well with tubes. Tubes can massively change these headphones. For example, 6xx have a narrow soundstage, but with the right tube, they sound wide. For $500, you can buy Koss ESP/95X to experience something different with lots of improvements over 599se. But without eq, the bass isn't great. But I recommend HD58x with Aune X1S 2020. These headphones are way more versatile that the Koss or 6xx. You can even use them with a phone. And the Aune is a great class-a dac/amp with high signal-to-noise ratio.
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