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can they connect to my phone?


Yes. They come with a PC-style separate headphone audio plug and microphone plug (two separate tips), but I have a “PC to Smartphone headset adapter” and I use it with my phone and tablet almost every day! Works great with PUBG Mobile.
Ironically, the PC37X was the last headphone review I wrote, before I got a call from a guy in Germany named Axel Grell, who said he really liked my review and thought process in other reviews, as well as the way I interact with the community, and asked if I would become the official community manager for Sennheiser. Good times, and though I don’t really write reviews anymore (I’ve thought about it, kinda like DMS does despite being an Abyss rep), I’ve used my position with Sennheiser to experience many more of their products and try to “fill in the blanks” with more product descriptions! It’s great that I could help you, that means I must be doing something right 🤣 By the way, if Massdrop/Drop would correct the product description to read “The drivers come from the same factory in Ireland as the Sennheiser HD598 and HD600 headphones—two audiophile favorites in the Sennheiser collection,” it would be 100% correct. Sennheiser’s Irish factory was a several billion (!!!) dollar investment back in the 90’s, and has continued to improve and be state of the art until this day. You get to learn lots of cool stuff when you work for a headphone company and talk to engineers and product managers. I’m familiar with Creative’s H7 Tournament. Check out my “headphone tree”:

Jul 30, 2021
EvshrugWowzah! Congratulations on becoming Sennheiser’s official community manager, that’s really huge! 👏👏 By all means, yes, you most definitely are doing something right! You are very knowledgeable, especially concerning the nuances surrounding Sennheiser’s product specifications! I appreciated that right away as I learned something new involving a product that I was literally already sold on, but that’s the beauty with fine audio — there’s always something new to learn that you didn’t know the day before! 👍👍 If I’m understanding you correctly, Mr. Grell was reading your reviews and interactions right here on Drop. If that’s the case, that means Sennheiser has one more thing they’re doing right too (which is already a most humongous list)! As you already know, they really are a fantastic audio company and German engineering never seems to cease impressing me, but actually going the extra mile to read the interactions about their products on third party websites is damn impressive! It’s nice to know they care enough to take in the feedback people are leaving. On the subject of German engineering, I appreciate the simplicity of it. For the most part they get right to the point and try to develop truly functional products without focusing on the minutia that would generally lead the core development astray. When they design something, most anything really, it works well and lasts. I like that as I want the best product, not the one with the fanciest array of entertaining LEDs that are probably only present to distract you from the poor quality. Sennheiser makes great sound, Braun makes great shavers and the like, we all know what BMW does; it’s great to buy a product that you just know you’ll enjoy for a very long time to come! Now, I can get to my main point: it’s freaking crazy considering the overlap of cans that we both like!!! 😮 I was a bit surprised, but not surprised, as we both seem to enjoy a spacious and natural sound the way the artists and engineers mastered it to be heard! It seems we also enjoy different types of sound on occasion and invest in products that may make a specific genre such as gaming all the more pleasurable. That’s the point of dropping all that scratch in the very first place, right? Actually, when you pulled out the pic with the Creative headset, I was gobsmacked. Most of the people I have come across online haven’t kept up with them. I actually didn’t either for a long time, but started checking out their products again a few years back. I’ll be the first to admit when a product is a flop, but overall they’re an okay company and a pioneer in digital audio, and that means something to me.
If you haven’t already, please do checkout the Odyssey HD DAC by Venture Electronics (a/k/a VE, the makers of the Monk Plus), this little USB C beast is kicking off at only $10 for the SE, and $30 for balanced… but the best part is that it handles up to 24-bit/96kHz and freaking 32-bit/384kHz!!!!! Did I mention it’s a little dongle?! 🤯 I just preordered two pieces today (one for my iPhone and another for my gaming rig). It’s high impedance and high powered as per Lee, the owner of VE; but that makes sense as the Monk Plus somehow has an impedance of 64Ω. 🤷‍♂️ Oddly, the Monk Plus sounds just fine on my iPad, but rocks when going through a standard portable headphone amp on high gain! I virtually only have a single point of contention with the Odyssey HD DAC, it’s only specified for 20Hz-20kHz. Why?! 🤔💭 All that power and the frequency response couldn’t be a bit wider? I’d gladly pay a bit (no pun intended) more for that, anyways, I think you’ll like it! I’ll be checking out those reviews as I’m now curious to see more of your writing! BTW, the “headphone tree” totally beats my “headphone backpack” hands down, I think I have to make one myself! Stay cool. Stay safe. ✌️
Jun 3, 2020
yeah youll have the mic cable hanging out though
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