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Ah shit... here we go again. (Gaming with IEMS??)

Whats up humans. During this 8 year quarantine I've found yet another expensive hobby to get into so here I am lolol. Anyways, I'm a content creator and I do a lot of cinematic style automotive videography. Also on my spare time I do some pretty diverse gaming ranging from Forza Motorsport 7, to Dead By Daylight, to Rainbow Six Siege. Currently I'm doing all of this via a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. That being said, I'm really fascinated by the idea of IEM's and I'm looking to get an entry grade set that I can use to rotate between video editing and gaming for a bit. Any recommendations out there? I still have to get a DAC/AMP so I'm not really looking to break the bank with my first pair of IEM's but any recommendations will be considered! Thanks in advance <3

May 29, 2020
HA-FDX1 is an easy recommendation. Has 3 different filters to tune to liking, has nice heft and timbre of dynamic drivers (because well, it is a dynamic driver IEM), scales up decently well, and isn't super expensive.
May 28, 2020
I am not sure if they're sold here, but I have been using my 1More Quad Drivers while I've been gaming at night. With that said, I mute the game and listen to music a lot of times lol. I'm still getting into this audiophile type of world, but they are really great. I have been a musician for many years and have done a little studio work, so I think I at least (hopefully) know when something sounds at least really good lol. So far, that only thing I've gotten from here are the PC 37X headphones. Really liking them, but I'm wondering if I should've gone with the 58X. Sorry, on a tangent.
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