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Completely and utterly disappointed buy the Sennheiser spotlight.

I was so, so excited when I heard about the planned spotlight for their 75th aniverssary, and I was even excited for a possible new collaboration! Unfortunatley, it couldnt be less disappointing. The biggest incentive to buy some stuff is for the extra drop points, but only the already exspensive items get the x15 points which doesnt make me want to buy them for credit that I can only use on drop. They're trying to sell us a $2500 SOUNDBAR! No discount, just MSRP and you can buy it from a different site for free and faster shipping. Would like to hear about others opinions, because I feel like this is a true downfall from what drop used to be.

Jun 10, 2020
It looks like we're getting mostly the same sale prices as what's listed on Sennheiser's website (and therefore Amazon). The Momentum and Momentum BT IEMs are the only items that I've found that are cheaper here than the other places. A new collab would have been great, but I'd have settled for a discount on the existing collabs. The extra points are only useful if you already planned on buying something. Otherwise, they're just another incentive to get a person to spend. Kind of reminds me of what happened to Steam's sales.
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