May 9, 2018150 views

Best earphones under $50

I'm not looking for something expensive. Just the best bang for my buck. I want them to stay on during my MMA practice(a high intensity sport where you jump around and move your head) but also sound great. I would love to hear your recommendations. Thank you in advance.

Nuforce BE2 is really good wireless iem for sports
I've never liked the thumpiness I feel from IEMs when I'm doing anything active. I would try some monk+ earbuds. If they fit your ears, they'll likely stay in, and they sound reasonably good. They're $5 I've also bought some better (visually similar) earbuds from China which sound a little better, but at 20x the price. I think for active use, you would be good with a few pairs of the cheap ones, in case you break them.
try the knowledge zenith line up of earphones, but personally i think nuforce EDC is very good for the price
For jumping about, I think you want IEMs.
Check out the offerings from MEE. Always a pleasant surprise.
I also think very highly of the Kinera line, much acclaim here on Massdrop. Most recent drop was the Kinera H3, very nice, very comfortable for a UIEM. Modelled very much on the niceties of CIEMs. Fun SS. That's an excellent place to start, IMO.