Plugging portable DAC/Amp to External amp

For many years, i've been trying to avoid looking at dedicated amps / dacs due to the complex wiring. I'm new to this DAC/amp business and I know you can do a lot of combos to achieve different sound from the same headphones even. I've been using this portal DAC/amp to connect to my iPhone/macbook/ipad/DAP. Lotoo S1 My DAC/amp supports 4.4/3.5mm output and 1 USB-C input. I wonder if I can hook it up as a DAC with an external amp like the THX 789 or CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP (maybe the latter as THX789 is still out of stock) to drive high impedance headphones like hD800s / 820 etc? The DAC itself in my DAC/amp is fairly good and I wish to re-use it if I can but it may require more amplification to drive large headphones. Is there like a 4.4mm to RCA input that would allow me to connect this mini dac/amp combo to the external amp where i'll plug in my headphones directly to the amp when I wish to get more clarity/power for my headphones Any help is appreciated.
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Jun 21, 2020
How about you buy a dac and an amp like the su 8 then the thx 789 then buy had 660s with balanced cables and call it a day
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