Aug 26, 201673 views

Availability of NuForce Power Amplifier ?

Does NuForce still make a power amplifier? Not an integrated amplifier, but just a regular power amplifier for home stereo use. If there is, I would like to save 30 to 50% off retail.

The NuPrime STA-9 is REALLY nice for the price and small size. Exceptional, analog sound with a good amount of power (120W x 2) which is enough for most situations. If more is needed, they can be run in dual mono mode, so a pair of amps pushing 290W per channel. IMHO the combo is on par with their higher end ST-10 amp (which won "Product of the Year" at several publications). Massdrop should go for it if the chance arises.
I hope that Massdrop can get the ST-10 for $700. Now that would be a GREAT deal!
Thanks! I hope Massdrop can bring it here for $500.