Specialist iFi audio ZEN DAC Signature now on sale on Drop!

We are excited to announce that we will also be launching a bigger and better ZEN DAC exclusive to Drop for a period of time. Based on one of the most talked about USB DAC/headphone amps on the market today, we combined improved circuitry with newfound singular purpose to produce a transportable DAC which concentrates on the DAC function and is dedicated to driving high quality amplifiers like the ZEN CAN Signature with authority and precision. Bit-perfect hi-res audio support includes PCM to 384kHz, native DSD and MQA, coupled to fully balanced analog circuit design – nothing anywhere near the price comes close. Our exclusive Signature version elevates the ZEN DAC’s DAC performance with upgraded circuitry from iFi’s flagship Pro Series delivering exceptional poise and accuracy to any downstream amplifier, but especially the purpose-codesigned ZEN CAN Signature 6XX with matching 4.4mm balanced inputs. Like a polished version of an already highly-prized precision instrument, the ZEN DAC Signature is truly something special.

Want to know more? Ask away, we are here to help!

Aug 18, 2020
how is this DAC different from the original Zen DAC? minus the fact it's a combo unit with headphone amp, how is the DAC portion different between them?
Jul 13, 2020
Hi. Does it have fpga and what clock will it use? Why only usb input? :/ thanks guys
Hi TiborM, No fpga. The DAC used is a Burr-Brown MultiBIt. USB because it is a dedicated connection in a specialist DAC.
Jul 11, 2020
just hope the can and signature can really elevate those low technical performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ahYapNMi14 any why is on of the focus beeing portable? aren't the DSD nano/micro already focusing on that and zen should solely focus on desktop use?
Hi amboris The ZEN Signatures are primarily but not exclusively aimed at the HD 6XX (and similar). As the HD 6XX is open-backed, it is used more at home which is where the ZENs are best-suited. Thx
Jul 10, 2020
Is it MQA decoder or "just" renderer? TIA!
Hi Vmiguel The iFi Pro iDSD at $3,000 is a decoder. The ZEN DAC Signature will be less pricey and as such, will be a renderer. So the PC needs to do the decoding. Thanks.
Jul 9, 2020
Looks great. Will there be a 4.4 mm male to male balanced cable available to connect to the ZEN CAN Sig 6XX? Or is that not a thing? I can't seem to find one anywhere currently. What will be the best way to connect the ZENs?
Mar 10, 2021
I just created this poll on this very topic.
Jul 9, 2020
Was looking forward to jumping on a zen amp sig. how much will the dac cost?
the ZEN DAC Signature will be $249
Jul 8, 2020
This dac has potentiometer. Does it serve as a preamp volume control or as a headphone/earphone amplifier volume control?
It serves as preamp volume control, which will be bypassable. The amplifier volume control is over at the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX, or your own choice of headphone amp :) Sorry about the confusion in the introduction earlier today.
Jul 9, 2020
No worries. Just wanted to know the purpose of the potentiometer. Thanks
Jul 8, 2020
I recently got the iFi ZEN DAC for my HD6XX and I'm very happy with it. I have a couple of questions:
  1. Would this or the ZEN CAN come with a DC power supply? I guess yes, but I don't know if you could drive both through a single USB as the ZEN DAC right now. I've read that it benefits in terms of floor noise.
  2. I personally liked the sound with the lastest firmware 5.3c. Will it come/support the same for the ZEN DAC or something new?
Hi I3enjin.
  1. ZEN DAC Signature and ZEN CAN Signature will each ship with an iPower (5v) for a really clean, quiet power supply.
  2. Firmware options remain the same so yes you can flash as per your wish.
Jul 7, 2020
@ifiaudio_Vince what DAC chip are you using in this model (Assuming it's one of the TI/BB chips)?
All good. We’re gonna upload some internal pics/info as people have asked. Give us a day or so. Thx.
Jul 16, 2020
Price please?
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