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Sep 12, 2020
The h500 needs a beast of an amp, is this doing the trick? B.t.w. i see you added your own comfort strap any other mods you added?
Sep 13, 2020
Wow, nice writeup. And i think you hit the nail on the head. The he500 doesn't need a huge amount of power, but if possible it does benefit from it. The mods of opening up the grill never really appealed to me, they take alot of effort and really make the headphone look like frankensteins monster, your comfort mod looks neatly done. Besides that The wooly nature of the he500 really is something special and i am kinda regretting selling it, but that's just how this hobby goes :) I now own a verum 1, but that really is a different beast altogether. How does the h500 compare to your lcd 2?
Sep 21, 2020
nlwouterLCD2 (rev. 2 prefazors) vs. HE500 Bass: LCD2 >~ HE500 Mids: LCD2 ~ HE500 Treble: HE500 > LCD2 Soundstage: HE500 > LCD2 Imaging: HE500 > LCD2 There's more bass presence with my LCD2 pair than my HE500. But it is a matter of inches. I feel that the bass is a tad bit cleaner with the LCD2 than the HE500, and the LCD2 slams a little bit harder than the HE500 on the headphone amps that I've tried them on. That may be due to the increased dampening of the LCD2 compared to the HE500. When amp'd from a speaker amp, the bass of the HE500 cleans up considerably. It becomes less wooly, more defined, and slams on par or slightly harder than the LCD2. The mids between the two is a toss up. The LCD2's mids are lush and liquid, whereas the HE500 is not as lush (by a hair) but is still liquid and has a little better resolution than the LCD2. The treble is probably the most different between the two. It sounds slightly rolled off in the LCD2 rev. 2 (it is even more rolled off in the LCD2 rev. 1), whereas the HE500 is also rolled off (compared to something like the HD800S) but less so than the LCD2. The best example are cymbal hits (around 10kHz). For the LCD2 rev. 2 they are a little muted (LCD2 rev. 1's are really muted), whereas the HE500 sounds more natural to my ears; some feel that the decay at 10kHz is a hair too long on the HE500 causing a little bit of a tizz, but personally I feel they are splitting hairs (haha) here. As for soundstage, the HE500 is wider and the LCD2 is a little taller. The imaging of the LCD2 is more L/R than the HE500, the latter having a more holographic (3D) presentation. From top to bottom, I feel that the HE500 presents a more complete picture of a song than the LCD2. Still, some my find the transition from the mids to the treble the HE500 to be a little bit too steep especially towards the 10kHz peak. Still, both cans are not as bright as the Ananda, Arya, or the HD800S for example. Both cans, in their own way, have a more relaxed sound yet exhibit a good amount of dynamics, something that the newer Hifiman's sadly lowered with their softer presentations. Go for the LCD2 rev. 2 if want a lush chocolate-y sound without it being too dark. Go for the HE-500 if you want lush, liquid mids while having a can works on many different genres due to its more coherent sound signature from top to bottom.
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