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Advice on a different dac or a dac/amp connection?

I am pretty new to headphones and recently have kind of jumped in a little more then i had planned. My question is, what is the best way to Hock up a computer to run hi res audio files from my computer to a Dac or Dac combo that will also have an output to my Kef eggs as well as a connection to kef LSX in the future. the speakers have an toslink connection, usb connection as well as Bluetooth but no analog inputs. which ever Dac I also need a connection to an amp. Currently my headphones consist of Sunchaser hd6xx, fostex t60rp and I would like to add some Focal clear in the future. With those in mind and a budget of roughly 2k what would be the preferred equipment and the ideal connections? thanks in advance!
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Every input you use on the LSX will end up going through it's own internal DSP (Digital Signal Processer). To do that the signal must be digital, so any analog input will get converted back to digital and sent to the LSX. This limits the benefit of expensive upstream DAC's for that sound path. Depending on how you use the headphone/speakers you could set this up a couple of different ways: 1) Get an integrated DAC from Topping, Mytek, Benchmark and others. These include one or more (Mytek/Benchmark) pre-amp outputs that can be ran to either (or both) set of speakers. The also include a volume control that works for headphones as well as the pre-outs. So USB from your PC to the DAC, the Mytek/Benchmark also have great HP amps so you would use those directly. The Topping DX7 series DAC's have a really high output impedance and aren't recommended with low impedance headphones. If you go with one of those (DX7 XXX) I would also get a dedicated HP amp like the 789, Atom, Magni 3, etc. Then run an RCA out to your speakers and switch the mode (HP or speakers) on the integrated DAC. 2) Again get one of the integrated DAC's I mentioned, skip the analog connection to the KEF LSX and just select the sound output device on your PC/laptop. In this case just a USB cable from your PC to the KEF LSX and set it up on your network. The LSX is really designed as an all-in-one system. Give a little more detail on exactly how you wish to use the system and I might be able to better recommend some options. Edit: Failed to address your statement " the speakers have an toslink connection, usb connection as well as Bluetooth but no analog inputs." The LSX has an analog input, it's just 3.5mm stereo, you would need an adapter cable with RCA on one end and 3.5mm stereo on the other.
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