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Waiting For This

I have been hearing from the world, the web and elsewhere? that people own headphones and set ups that reveal everything. Stuff they have never heard in recordings they have been listening to for years. I had been searching for this for what seems like many years. I have about 20 pair mid to high end headphones, about 15 pair IEM and High Res DACs and AMPs in all their glory. I love how easy it is to listen to all that gear without a huge price tag. I consider each device to have its own sound signature. Some provide more depth and detail, some provide a very flat, unfiltered sound. All the while this is attainable yet can be configured differently depending on the tastes of the listener. Now, with that out of the way... I love my headphones, DACs and AMPs. I love high res music in many genres except hardcore Rap and Country. Occasionally listen to Classical. That leaves me with all the rest. Mainly Rock including Classic, Pop, EDM and some Hip Hop too. Those are my main genres. Now on to why I wrote this piece. I recently purchased another pair of headphones that I research first before just jumping in. I jumped in early on in the past and now have many sets I do not really listen to anymore. The selection of this writing is The Meze 99 Noir by Meze and Drop. They are beautifully constructed, great looking and the best part, sound all so realistic. You see I don't mind a little bass bump as long as it does not muddy the treble and mids. Not so easy to accomplish! Well let me state unequivocally, these do it all. They are extremely revealing! The instruments are all placed out before me. Every tap of a drum, every guitar, the Artists voice. I just cannot get enough of these things. I also love my IFI Zen DAC and Zen Can, AMP. That AMP and DAC setup is considered entry level by some, not to me. I have it hooked up to my MacBook Pro with USB in. I have the DAC and AMP connected from a single 4.4 pentacon cable that simply connects the back of the DAC to the AMP. From there, I use the balanced 4.4 pentacon input to my headphones via an adapter. Now I know that is not the perfect setup. I don't want to get bashed for using a 4.4mm adapter from a 3.5mm. Heres the thing, they are both TRRS and I am only increasing the diameter of the connector. I also realize in order to carry the Hi-Res Audio logo on their packaging, headphones need to produce an upper frequency of at least 40kHz. So I tick all the boxes and guess what... Ive arrived. I am now very pleasurably listening to some of my favorite artists and actually hear instruments that I did not know were there! Sure I heard these tracks many times, I recognize all parts. With the Meze Noir, it opens up a whole new world. Its very interesting to switch High Res DACs and AMPs and experiment with the Mezes. This is what audiophile dreams are made of. The fluidity and scale unaltered, mainly, from the artists recording. Like I said earlier, I need a little bass bump to keep it all together. But that's just me. If you are on the fence about dropping just 2 Benjamins on this these cans, DONT HESITATE. Drop opportunity's come and go. Mostly go! As of this writing, they are available for purchase at a very reasonable $200. I can promise you this...upon opening the package, you will be blown away by the attention to detail these provide. Both physical attributes and sound wise. I am sure after about 100 hours of burn-in they will open up even further. I am working on that 100, all the while enjoying hour 21, 22, 23 etc... Question NOT what the Meze Noirs can provide for you. Only question why you have not purchased them yet. Please make sure your source, DAC, AMP and cables are all working in harmony together. That is a requirement. I am truly amazed at what one company can do since only 2009 while others have been at it for many more years. Thank you Drop, for giving me this opportunity to express my subjective thoughts. Thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read what I hope is a helpful guide to getting the most out of your gear!



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