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Best gaming, music, movie headphones for a beginner

Hi everyone! I am about to buy my first pair of decent headphones. After some research 3 models cought my eye in particular: Audio-Technica ATH-M40X, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X and Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 80ohm. I wonder which one of them will be perfect for mentioned purpose. I am not a musician or a content producer, the headphones will be just for entertainment. The games I play are mainly singleplayer so I don't need some competitive gaming features. I really enjoy hip hop and dubstep music, so I would appreciate significant bass. Tell me what you think. Which one of these have the best sound quality? Should I go for those more expensive ones or maybe M40X will do? Thank you in advance for any piece of advice!


Nov 20, 2020
I've tested out the DT770's at a Guitar Center and quickly loved them. Mostly because of how comfortable they are, but combined with great sound, it's pretty worth the price. If you like open back headphones or are interested in trying them at least, the 990's are open back. I personally have Audio Technica AD-500x's and I'm in love with them. I'd always recommend them or the 700x's to anyone who wants some great headphones at home. In addition, I hate feeling like I'm going to trip over my words because I don't hear myself while talking to friends online, so the open back letting me hear myself, really helps. Just another option for you to think about! I also have a pair of M40x's and I like them, but I'm not crazy about them. Great sound quality, but I found them to be quite uncomfortable, especially with the headband being kinda hard. And I'm not a huge fan of the ear pieces either, I'll have to try and get them replaced with something softer because I have a friend who replaced his with a softer kinda leather and he said he loves 'em, so I'm gonna try and do that soon too. But yeah, just thought I'd throw in my words too!
Nov 14, 2020
I a lot of gamers prefer the Beyer for its richness or fuller bass. For a neutral and more precise sound, I'd go with either of the Audio Technicas. I have the M50X, and I love it. But I don't think that it has that much more to offer than the M40X, so I think it depends on your budget. The 50 does have a larger driver, and wider range, and are said to have greater clarity. Not sure if you'll really notice any difference, and especially not, if you don't have them both available to compare. Build quality of the 50 is also slightly superior to the 40.
Nov 14, 2020
Go for the 50X's imho... Well worth the slight additional cost, much flatter, often used by pro Studio people for accuracy, I've enjoyed using them for many years now... Highly recommended...
Nov 13, 2020
VincentLeclercI woul recommend removing the M50x from you're choices. Either of the other models would be fine. Just depends on your budget.
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