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What IEM would Ya'll recommend?

Hey everyone I'm new to the headphone community. I was wondering what IEM would you recommend that is under $200 and is sturdy enough to workout with?
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Nov 21, 2020
I recommend KZ’s new flagship ASX. First KZ IEM that sounds voiced and driver matched by somebody who actually likes music. it’s 99 bucks with a perfectly usable OEM cable that you can easily upgrade to balanced or as I do, attach them to a pair of TRN behind-the-ear wireless dongles. They have no trouble driving the earphones to satisfying levels. I use them with a balanced cable and EarStudio as well. Large jump in sound quality, not as convenient. There are so many upgrade options that anyone with your $200 budget can make them sound insanely good. Get the ASX, a decent balanced cable, and an EarStudio, and be prepared for very good sound at that price point. I have a boom mic stand by my favorite chair that holds a par of big over-ear Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm studio cans I picked up on a Black Friday deal for $120. Driving them with a vintage Crown D-75, fed digitally by an AirPort Express streaming lossless audio from my central hard drive. That setup was also around $200 and it kicks ass.
Nov 18, 2020
If you're looking for wired then my edc3 have lasted three years of pretty rough use just fine. The dynamic driver edc is also good if you like more bass. I wouldn't recommend the massdrop plus however because it's case shattered on me and the second copy I got had a broken cable after the second unplug. I've also heard good things about the Drop x JVC fdx01 but they're pretty heave and I haven't personally tried them. If you want tws then I can wholeheartedly recommend airpods pros (currently on sale for $200) regardless if you're and android or ios user. I use mine with a OnePlus 8 pro and they've been wonderful. If you want something more integrated with android though I'd recommend either the pixel buds if you don't mind not having great isolation or the galaxy buds/galaxy buds plus if you want better isolation. If you want to go really cheap then enacfire on amazon makes pretty good tws earbuds for under $40. My girlfriend's e18 plus have lasted two years but my e18s died in one month and my f1's from them also only lasted a few months so your mileage may vary.
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