Good 2.0 + sub system?

I want to replace my old Logitech Z323 speaker system.After some research, I found out Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 was the best option, according to many internet users. However, I cannot buy them in Europe, so I have to discard them.Other options are M-Audio AV32.1, Logitech Z623, HiVi M10... but I find different opinions about them.I cannot get a pair of good monitors because the space in my desk is limited, so I also discarded Behringer 2030s, Edifier DB2730s, JBL LSR305s and others.So, as a summary, this is what I need:
  • Main use: music, I play games and watch movies too, but music is when I'm probably more focused on the sound
  • Active speakers, I don't have an amp and I would simply connect the speakers to my computer output.
  • Budget: upper limit of 250$/200€, purchasable in Europe
  • AUX input would be nice, since I might connect an external piano too
Therefore, I wonder if I could setup a decent 2.1 system by getting separately 2 speakers and a sub, but I've no idea neither about recommendations (I've always looked for complete 2.1 systems) nor about the setup (connections, separate volumes, etc.).So I'm open to suggestions :)


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