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Pre-Order Status Update Thread

The following post provides information about Drop Studio products that are in “pre-order” status, i.e. products that are not currently shipping from our warehouse because they’re still being manufactured.  We're trying this approach to consolidate the information that was previously scattered across many individual discussion posts. We'll evaluate how this works for a bit and then assess the best path forward. Without further ado... Audiophile

59 Audiophile products currently in-stock and shipping immediately.

Drop + Audio-Technica Carbon VTA Turntable
(Aug 31) Production delayed, now expected to ship in late October.
(Oct 15) Turntables have arrived at our warehouse. Shipping beginning.

Drop O2 Headphone Amplifier
(June 29) Now expected to ship October 2021.
(September) Production delayed about 2 weeks. Now expected to ship early November.
(Oct 13) Now expected to arrive at our warehouse for a mid-November ship.

Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir Closed-Back Headphones
(June 2) Now tracking to deliver to our warehouse in late July.
(June 8) Now tracking to deliver in mid-August due to ocean congestion.
(Aug 9) Now expected to ship end-of-September due to continued ocean delays.
(Sep 23) Headphones are with the delivery driver, but have not arrived at the warehouse yet. Now expecting to ship early October.

Drop + MrSpeakers Ether CX Closed Headphones
(Oct 8) Tracking just a few days behind. Now expected to ship early November.
(Nov 4) Arrived at warehouse, but may take a couple extra days to ship. Expected to ship by end of next week.

Mechanical Keyboards

472 Mechanical Keyboard products currently in-stock and shipping immediately.

Drop GMK White-On-Black Keycaps
(Sep 22) Tracking about 2 weeks behind; now shipping mid-October.
(Oct 11) Shipment arriving at warehouse next week. Shipping to being soon after.

Drop + Matt30 MT3 3277 Tracking a few weeks behind due to packaging. Now expected to ship near the end of September. (Sep 24) Continuing to track behind. Expected to ship late October. Drop GMK White-on-Black Katakana (July 15) Tracking behind; now shipping late November. (Dec 9) Arrived, but there's an issue with the F4 keycap being reversed. Working on a timeline for replacements before relaunching. Drop + Oblotzky SA Oblivion V2
(July 8) Tracking a few weeks behind. Now shipping mid-September.
(Sep 7) Continuing to track behind. Latest update from Signature Plastics provides an updated ship date of mid-October, but this may change (dependent upon confirmation from materials supplier)
(Oct 8) Vendor has booked a shipment to our warehouse. Now expecting a late-October/early November ship to purchasers.

Drop + MiTo GMK Serenity Custom Keycap Set (May 28) Color-matching currently underway. Thus far, we're still in the process of getting colors to spec. (Sep 22) All colors approved with the exception of blue. Shipping delays expected. We'll update with a more realistic timeline ASAP. (Nov 3) Continuing to track behind. Now shipping January 2022. (Dec 13) Still tracking for Jan 2022. Will update if anything changes. (Dec 14) To clarify the above, the projection is for the bulk shipment to leave Germany to us some time in Jan 2022. Estimates for our warehouse receiving, unpacking, repacking, and shipping is in March 2022. DROP + Mito GMK Pixel Custom Keycap Set (Dec 2) Production scheduled for May 2021 with shipping expected in June 2021 (Dec 13) Germany just announced they're in full-lockdown due to COVID19. While this doesn't impact (close) the GMK factory, it will no doubt impact their operations in some way. (Jan 3) No updates to report. (Feb 5) GMK sent us an update on their production schedule and this is still on track for June 2021. (Apr 26) Production a bit delayed. Now expecting to ship in July 2021. (May 27) Production further delayed according to our latest update from GMK. Now expecting to ship in late-September/early October. (September 8) Latest update from GMK now stating a late October ship. (September 22) Shipment now expected to leave vendor on November 1st, delaying shipment to purchasers until late November. (Oct 8) Pixel deskmats have arrived and will ship soon. Keycaps are still slated for late-November. (Dec 7) Keycaps are in Germany waiting to be packed and shipped. ETA pending ship date. (Dec 9) Shipping from Germany with a planned arrival date between Dec 15 and Dec 20. Drop + MiTo GMK Pixel Desk Mat (September 27) Desk mats are in transit to our warehouse. Expecting to ship end of October. DROP + Tomb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set (Dec 2) Production scheduled for August 2021 with shipping expected in September 2021 (July 6) Latest update from our vendor states a mid-September completion of SA Carbon, pushing our ship date back a couple weeks. We now expect to ship in early October. (Oct 18) SA Carbon is tracking behind. Now expected to ship mid-November. (Nov 9) Continuing. totrack behind. Now expected mid-December. (Dec 13) Was scheduled to arrive last week, but delivery didn't arrive. Rescheduled for this week and should start shipping by next week. (Dec 17) Units should be shipping.
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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 12, 2022
My GMK Pixel sets have been stuck on "reserved for shipment" for a while. Any idea when I can expect them to actually ship since I've seen alot of people already having them in hand?
krazeekidHey, I think you're probably in the same boat as the other user below and should have received an email, but there's an issue with the Decorations kit showing as short shipped that we're looking into. Working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
I'm going to be spending the next week or two trying to track down the details on every outstanding product so I can reboot this update thread and start fresh. Keep pinging me until then if an update is missing please.
Jan 7, 2022
Sounds good, Thanks for getting back to me
Jan 7, 2022
AlexPkSure. Just got confused, but that explains it. Thanks for the clarification.
Dec 29, 2021
Any Updates DROP + Mito GMK Pixel Custom Keycap Set? The person who maintaining updates gone again???????????????
Hold tight. I'll look into it in the morning.
Sorry, lost power and internet due to a snow storm. I suspect this might have something to do with the decorations kit, but I'm still confirming. edit: confirmed there was an issue with missing Decoration kits. Getting more asap and should ship yours and a few others within the next few weeks.
Dec 29, 2021
Any Updates on this DROP + Tomb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set? I have not gotten any emails letting me know that the keycaps were being shipped. Let us know if it's being postponed again?
neopillCarbon is in the warehouse. You should be getting a shipping notification shortly
Dec 30, 2021
AlexPkStrangest thing! I arrived home yesterday and I saw a brown box drenched in rain! I thought oh no must be something ordered from Amazon- electronic.. to my surprised it’s my carbon key caps. I never got any notification. I’m glad I got the key caps! Good thing for those of us who waited now are getting them.

Dec 22, 2021
Any update on GMK Pixel?
Dec 22, 2021
Do we see any marching plastics at the end of the tunnel with Tomb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keys? **peeking squinting my eyes tilting my eye glasses** Come on out now.. Don't be shy.. Those of us who stuck by you are itching to plop em down and start typing away them beautiful caps.. :)
Dec 9, 2021
I do know that it can be frustrating although there are two options - Cancellation is one option. 2nd Option is let it ride and give the DROP team to do what they can to get the key caps shipped when everything is in order. Once it’s shipped and in your hands then you can be gleefully happy that you have the coolest set of key caps.. OR cancel it and you’ll never get your hands on them.. So two different perspective to look at it..
@Poopio @ataggart @isAnxiety @JacksonHale @aaronnn Sorry about that. The person maintaining updates departed a couple weeks ago and ownership of this post got missed in the shuffle. As mentioned by @Nasri1089, Pixel is completed in Germany and is awaiting scheduling for shipment to our warehouse. Will update with an ETA once I have confirmation that it's shipped.
Coming off as a dick doesn't help much either and won't get you what you want. The fact that you think Drop is responsible for GMK delaying keycaps is ridiculous. Yes, they could of maybe gave you and update sooner but that doesn't change the fact that GMK is the one ultimately responsible. If Drop had the keycaps in the warehouse and it wasn't moving then I could see putting the blame on them. Not to mention that they actually offer you a option to cancel a GB order which is usually never the case with any other vendors. Not sure what else you expect. Quit being unreasonable.
Dec 14, 2021
ImpetuousxI would expect a company to keep track of their product and keep their customers up to date and informed. They said the product would be shipped to us on November 29th and did not update is until over a week later that not only did the product not ship it isn't even ready or in the country and they still haven't provided any ETA when it will ship to customers only that their DC will receive it some time mid December. You can call me out all you would like but Drop's job is coordinate with the factory and deliver a product. They had at least a month's notice that the product had not left Germany on November 1st as scheduled there's not an excuse for their lack of communication.
Dec 7, 2021
For those looking for GMK Pixel update, from Mito's Studio DC server. "Status: pre-orders open - eta Dec, 2021 News: finishing packaging, export documents being generated"
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