Pre-Order Status Update Thread

The following post provides information about Drop Studio products that are in “pre-order” status, i.e. products that are not currently shipping from our warehouse because they’re still being manufactured.  We're trying this approach to consolidate the information that was previously scattered across many individual discussion posts. We'll evaluate how this works for a bit and then assess the best path forward. Without further ado... Audiophile

59 Audiophile products currently in-stock and shipping immediately.

Drop + Audio-Technica Carbon VTA Turntable (Aug 31) Production delayed, now expected to ship in late October. Drop O2 Headphone Amplifier (June 29) Now expected to ship October 2021. (September) Production delayed about 2 weeks. Now expected to ship early November. Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir Closed-Back Headphones (June 2) Now tracking to deliver to our warehouse in late July. (June 8) Now tracking to deliver in mid-August due to ocean congestion. (Aug 9) Now expected to ship end-of-September due to continued ocean delays. Mechanical Keyboards

472 Mechanical Keyboard products currently in-stock and shipping immediately.

Drop GMK White-On-Black Keycaps (Sep 22) Tracking about 2 weeks behind; now shipping mid-October. Drop + Matt30 MT3 3277 Tracking a few weeks behind due to packaging. Now expected to ship near the end of September. Drop GMK White-on-Black Katakana (July 15) Tracking behind; now shipping late November. Drop + Oblotzky SA Oblivion V2 (July 8) Tracking a few weeks behind. Now shipping mid-September. (Sep 7) Continuing to track behind. Latest update from Signature Plastics provides an updated ship date of mid-October, but this may change (dependent upon confirmation from materials supplier) Drop + MiTo GMK Serenity Custom Keycap Set (May 28) Color-matching currently underway. Thus far, we're still in the process of getting colors to spec. (Sep 22) All colors approved with the exception of blue. Shipping delays expected. We'll update with a more realistic timeline ASAP. DROP + Mito GMK Pixel Custom Keycap Set (Dec 2) Production scheduled for May 2021 with shipping expected in June 2021 (Dec 13) Germany just announced they're in full-lockdown due to COVID19. While this doesn't impact (close) the GMK factory, it will no doubt impact their operations in some way. (Jan 3) No updates to report. (Feb 5) GMK sent us an update on their production schedule and this is still on track for June 2021. (Apr 26) Production a bit delayed. Now expecting to ship in July 2021. (May 27) Production further delayed according to our latest update from GMK. Now expecting to ship in late-September/early October. (September 8) Latest update from GMK now stating a late October ship. (September 22) Shipment now expected to leave vendor on November 1st, delaying shipment to purchasers until late November. DROP + Tomb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set (Dec 2) Production scheduled for August 2021 with shipping expected in September 2021 (July 6) Latest update from our vendor states a mid-September completion of SA Carbon, pushing our ship date back a couple weeks. We now expect to ship in early October.
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Sep 8, 2021
If it takes a 6th month of delays for GMK Pixel to ship we better get compensated, drop is a joke with how little care they put behind these updates.
I mean, literally no other vendor in the hobby offers compensation for GMK delays. Some allow for cancellations, but a lot don’t. It’s just part of the hobby right now. Drop even offering updates isn’t something other vendors do, either.
Aug 4, 2021
@Kevin GMK Kaiju is not on the list, please add. I placed the pre-order last week and it's currently showing "Estimated ship date is Dec 17, 2021 PT."
Jul 25, 2021
@Kevin @JaleesaG A couple of days ago, the estimated ship date for MT3 3277 was changed from 8/16/21 to 10/22/21 with no comment from anyone at Drop. It's not mentioned here, either. Could we please get an update?
Jul 20, 2021
@Kevin I don't see anything in this post regarding GMK White-on-Black (standard, not the katakana ver), is this planned to be an in-stock product and are currently just waiting on when the next shipment arrives?
Jul 19, 2021
Hey, it's been over 1 year since the GMK Blue Samurai's are ready to be shipped... things change like my shipping address.... where can I update this!!! THANK YOU!
Jul 8, 2021
Any GMK Blue Samurai updates?
Jul 8, 2021
It's July already, any update on the red samurai custom keycap set?
Jul 5, 2021
Will PLANCK KIT V6 ship immediately?
Jun 21, 2021
Comment hidden
Jun 16, 2021
Any blue samurai updates?
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