New Discussion Board Layout

Sooo... what's up with how broken the new discussion board layout appears to be? Maybe it's just me, but I'm still getting emotes for my posts but there's no way to seem them. Also instead of several pages, now there's just one feed that has to continuously try to load as you scroll down. Its in descending order from newest date to oldest date, EXCEPT when you are looking at a particular conversation.
Anyone else here think that Massdrop should roll back to the previous layout?

Nov 6, 2016
Agree with you UrVAIT. But at least MD must begin to give function to change order to past to recent/recent to past messages. It's very difficult to see the first messages from a drop in this new set up.
Oct 29, 2016
Good evening,
i would have liked to answering some comment, but the main problem of this new layout makes me write a new post.
I do understand the approach to make something new/better and visualy more pleasing, but being in business myself in webdesign back to the beginning when one could make a "fortune" with simple html and having worked for a printing house at prepress i've learned something very quick:
Functionality is a lot more important than the Look, form follows function, simple golden rule!
A simple blind test should have given the recognition that it's very unpleasing to read or find a new comment if it's an answer to a posting being written a longer time ago. The timeline of comments written is broken, it's no fun at all to read at the overview page, xy has made a comment, open that discussion and search and scroll, search and scroll ...., where is it.
The most important thing we wanted is a search function, to make something new and different for getting better is fine, but the approach to do this for the sake only to be different is bad.
Enough said, i appreciate your work MD, but at the moment you've made this place less fun and pleasing.
Have a nice weekend
Oct 19, 2016
Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this but clicking alerts to see replies to my post(s) results in an error page most of the time. Wish there was an option to use the old format until issues like this are ironed out.
Oct 10, 2016
Mine just updated. I'd like the previous layout with a search function instead.
Oct 10, 2016
Agreed. I still have people who haven't updated who've "reacted" to my comments and of course I can't see what their reactions are. :(
Oct 10, 2016
Reply should also be to the last comment in the conversation by default. Makes more sense to me.
Being able to bold, italicize, and underline things is nice, so that's an improvement at least. No particular feelings about emotes being gone.
Oct 7, 2016
I like that different posts from one conversation are together now by default.
But the design is strange. If user B is replying to user A it looks like user A is giving the answer ... just compared with dozens of messengers on smartphones. The name before the text is like an email to: not like an senders name like in a messenger.
Oct 7, 2016
I actually like this one. I hated the emotes and how people used them to poop on conversations, and I like the fact that you can reply inline, and while the single page is annoying, it's better than the multiple page that they had before. Progress takes time, and I'm willing to be patient as they work through things rather than just keep what they had before.
Oct 29, 2016
I can understand not polling for every feature change. That would make it like designing by committee, and they have to have some sort of vision.
Oct 30, 2016
The only sort of vision is that new is better. Did they even do testing before roll out? A simple test, go to the first post of a discussion that has, say 200 messages. They would have realized quickly how annoying and stupid this new format is as soon as they had to scroll to the seemingly bottomless bottom with the inherent loss of control from the fits and starts from the scroll belches. I dare you to try to select something from the bottom of the page as the convulsions occur.
If they really like this one page design, then let them add an option for those that do not. The option would go back to the paged format without the conversation trees.
The emoji s were pretty dopey to begin with. They pretty much encouraged anonymous sniping. No big loss here. Yeah, I got pooped on many time. lol