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Best headphones under 400

I've been looking for a new pair of headphones since my philips a3 pro gives me too much bass. I thought of getting the hd 600. I use my headphones for gaming and listening (I prefer listening experience over gaming). I listen to edm, rap and rock what do you guys think

The best headphones under $400 are probably the HE-400i. The HE-400S is also a strong product for $300. Common headphones recommended by non-audiophiles:
The HD600/650 sucks, avoid. Fidelios suck, avoid.
I don't know about the Blackhawks except they are reputed to have an absurd burn-in time. Widely reported to be great, but then so is the HD600 which sucks. Don't worry about the masses' opinions (who are likely have-nothing students sitting cross-legged on their tiny dorm beds posting on tablets) and instead seek out the opinion of actual audiophiles with 5-10k systems who have the proper frame of reference and experience in judging sound.
jedi linked me here.
I second the Nighthawks recommendation (listening to them right now) Gorgeous sound, supreme comfort. Just dropped to $350 due to launch of new model. Well worth grabbing at that price. Would also second the Fidelios - I was close to buying them when looking for new headphones, but then I demoed the Nighthawks and it was all over.
Would also say the Final Audio Sonorous III is pretty damn nice, though I find the high end to be a little too sharp for my tastes.
I would not describe the HD650s as boring.....they are not my sound signature of choice but they give a very honest presentation of the music, and a nice soundstage.
Sorry - just saw your musical preferences, 650s are not for you.
From what I have seen/read, The OPPO PM-3 seems to get the nod from a lot of reviewers and websites.
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Getting a pair this Christmas! Super excited to see what they're all about.
Yeah this hobby has me chasing alot of headphones. Oppo PM-3, Massdrop's HD6xx, Master & Dynamic's MH 40, PSb's M4U 1...i really need to hit the lottery so that I can get all of them. LOL
X2's for the type of music you listen to.
HD600 and probably the HD650 are mid-fi headphones, but they are boring as sin. I can't describe how boring the HD600 was; it literally made me want to stop listening to music. Technically, they are solid mid-fi performers -- middle of the road performance in most ways. They are just terribly boring.
If you're serious about headphones, I strongly recommend upping your budget and finding some hi-fi headphones. You can find some entry-level hi-fi for well under $1000 on the used market -- LCD-2, T1, TH900, HE-6, etc. Only mess with mid-fi if you are stuck to a strict budget and can't go beyond it.
Frostex thxoo from mass drop, great bass, sound clear than the X2. Philips x2 has bass, big Soundstage. Hd650 has bass, scales better than others. Hifiman he400i, faster bass response than the x2 and hd650. I recommend the hd600, hd650, Philip x2, hifiman he400i, frostex th xoo.
I go with Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 or something in that range. AT typcially gives you the most bang for the bucks at that price range.