What's your question? It's "Why copy Google when they are so wrong so often?"
What happened to the "keep me logged in" option when logging in? I used to be able to interact quickly with the site. Now I have to spend time figuring out or looking up login ID and password information, so I usually don't bother. And how does "What's your question?" indicate that I'm supposed to type a "Title" in the same place those words already occupy, so I don't get an error message when I try to send my question? The real error is making people type words where there are already words. Although this has become a trend of late because Google started doing it along with all their other illogic, for anyone who thinks logically, this is so disgusting as to make you want to never come back to a site that requires it. This site has taken it to a new level by not even putting a box around the words so someone can guess it is a field to type in. ARRRRGH! And "Choose the community" NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS! ARRRRGH!


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